Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Phone Call

I know I know...most six year olds have been chatting on the phone to their grandparents for years, but PK1 does not like to "perform" or be put on the spot.  This has been a source of great frustration to me but also a source of growth as I learn when to back off and when to help her get outside her comfort zone. 

She has this little friend next door who comes over all the time to play.  One day they realized that it was freezing outside and that they should call each other first to see if the other was available before suiting up and trudging through the snow for a visit. 

At first LNG (little neighbor girl) or I would make the calls.

Then I decided that PK1 should place her own phone calls!

Oh boy...she really didn't want to. 

But I said that I would not be placing any more calls to LNG and that if she wanted to play with her, she would have to place the call.  This was a fate worse than death for PK1.

She moped.

Then she went and colored.

Then she decided maybe she would do it.

I asked her if she wanted to practice a little bit with me first, which she did... from behind her hands.

After placing the call she was very pleased with how well it went.  I interviewed her here:

First Fone Call from Political family on Vimeo.


The Whites said...

The first time I ever called anyone it was Katie, probably kindergarten, and someone at your house answered the phone "Daeschner residents" and I hung up, because I thought I called the President (president.... residents... sounds the same to a 5 year old).

MA mom said...

Good job, first grandchild!! love you.