Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The PKS are involved in a new little club for girls.  It is like girl scouts...but BETTER!  OK, that is just what the moms who put it together think.  But we assembled the nicest families of homeschool girls and started this little club.  GEMS stands for Growing in Excellence, Mastering Skills.  The girls will learn skills, have fun, be discipled by their moms and earn patches.  We had a kick-off bonfire for all the families, hosted by the best hostess in the world and my best friend:

There they received their sashes that will hold all the badges:

And their first badge:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

PK2 wanted a Rainbow Birthday party to celebrate turning 6 this year.  We had two balloon rainbows, a rainbow cake and a bounce house!
 The kids played on the slip and slide:

Made a fairy garden...or for the boys it was a dinosaur garden:

Cousin made her this rainbow card:

And PK1's best friend made her this Richard Scary mobile for her room!  Precious! PK2 LOVES Richard Scary.

I think everyone had a good time:
Especially the birthday girl:
She got so many wonderful gifts:
Including these grass skirts from Gram:
And a stomp rocket from Gigi.  As soon as she opened the stomp rocket, it was like holding back wild horses.  The boys wanted to play with it SO BAD.  PD set it up right after the gifts were opened and everyone had a lot of fun with it.  PD is actually outside right now trying to get a couple rockets out of the tree!
And of course, the cake, around which the whole birthday was based.

Then, after everyone went home, the yard was picked up, and the girls had a shower, believe it or not, there was a real rainbow in the sky.  Our phone started ringing, everyone was calling to tell us.  PK2 had said a few days ago, "Maybe there will be a real rainbow on my birthday." I assured her that there would not be. What a beautiful surprise!  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rollin Right Along

I took the girls to a kiddie skate time last week to work on our skating skills.  It was so much fun and PK2 really got the hang of it.  Watching her skate (she looks so much like me at that age) is like looking back in time to my roller rink days.

Untitled from Political family on Vimeo.

PK1 is still getting the hang of it:

Untitled from Political family on Vimeo.