Saturday, January 17, 2009

Water Park: the local version

Even though it was this today:

We were able to go here:

I love this picture.  It reminds me of when you hang on the side of the pool to talk to your  lifeguard boyfriend.  PD was in the hot tub, which PK2 loves, but was not old enough to get in at this pool.  So she just hung out there talking to him!

I actually liked this rec center WAY better than when we went to that indoor water park.  First of all, it was a lot warmer. was cheaper.  Third, we could go home after a few hours!

I though PK1 would hurl, she went down the slide so many times.  I went down it myself, and thought it was pretty fast!   You had to be able to swim to the side from the bottom of the slide in order to be able to go on it and she was a total pro!  I was so proud of her and I can't believe what a big girl she is becoming.

This week was a little rough because PD worked most nights and it was literally sub-zero outside.  We girls were a little pitiful, hanging out at the gym a lot, eating weird random leftover stuff for dinner and watching Oprah together.  So it was really great to get to have a whole Saturday to enjoy together as a family. 

Look at these faces!


chicago_mom said...

Very fun...and that picture of Jane talking to Ben is cute. Those girls lips look purple though!

mimi said...

I'm avoiding getting my day started:) Catching up with blogs. Oh my gosh, the Chinese brother photos are so cute!