Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ms. Frizzle at the Golden Globes

Sunday night I was watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet Preview show.  (PD calls it the pre-game) PK1 came in and watched it with me for a bit and said which dresses she liked and didn't.  So funny.  When Helena Bonham Carter came on wearing this:

PK1 said, "That lady looks just like Ms.  Frizzle":

You know...from the Magic School Bus:

I thought she was right on.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mov'in on Up

We went last week to check out PD's new office space.  I don't want to come across as bragging about this... blech...that would be so tacky.  But I do try to get excited for PD when he gets rewarded in some way for all his hard work.  I am so glad he is getting to do what he is so good at, but it equals many many hours away from home and not many perks.  So I was excited, (as were the girls) to see his great new downtown office.  Of course, we would all trade it in a minute if he could eat dinner with us, but lets celebrate what we have right?

Since the first time, 14 years ago, that PD brought me to Columbus, I have loved the Leveque tower.  They light it up at night, sometimes with different colors.  Now the PKs love it too.  So they were pretty happy to spot it right outside PD's new office window.  Below is a view from another floor, but you can see that the statehouse is right across the street.

Here we are in a conference room with the great seal of Ohio.

If you are local, and you also love downtown Columbus...here is a great children's book my friend told me about.  The bird, a Peregrine Falcon, flies around Columbus looking at all the great Columbus attractions and landmarks.  Kids LOVE seeing all the places they have been. Also, you know, a family of Peregrine Falcons lives atop the Rhodes tower downtown Columbus.  You can check in on them via a live nest box video-cam.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas at Gram's

This is my last Christmas post...we are already in full Inaugural preparations around here.  Here are just a few pictures from our wonderful Christmas at Gram and Papa's.  She put on a fantastic buffet and we just ate all day.
 We opened what seemed like an obscene amount of gifts.

More Playmobil:

Fun times with our Cincinnati Cousin:

And Great Grandma Ye Ye:

What a great family!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Morning at our house

We were home for a few hours on Christmas morning by ourselves.  It was so fun to slowly open our family gifts.  The girls get so many presents from their grandparents, that I am always tempted not to buy them anything.  But I can't help it!  PK1 got lots of playmobile and PK2 has been wanting a remote control car for a year.  When anyone asks her what she wants for Christmas she says "reMOTE conTROL," in a sort of sing-song voice. She may or may not have said this to the governor-elect recently.  We were only a little embarrassed.

PD picked out a great car for her.  It is perfect for her age.  Not too babyish, but not too difficult to maneuver.  It has even been out on the icy sidewalks already.  It also gives rides for baby koalas.

And sometimes PD has to "test" it a bit too.

PK2 also got some legos.  She is a genius at following the directions and putting these together.  She wanted pirates this year.  (Remember, when you homeschool, they don't know what stuff is for boys and what stuff is for girls.)

I got this awesome head scarf thingy that my sister told me was in style.  I love it to cover up my hair on a day when I don't want to shampoo! (second year in a row to be photographed in my Tina Fey glasses on Christmas morning)

PD got mostly work clothes this year.  We spend more $$ on his work clothes than the three of us girls combined.  But we call these ties the Nard Dog ties after the guy on the office who wears super preppy clothes.  Not all PD's ties are so "polo club" but these were.

The girls also got a ton of Zhu Zhu stuff for Christmas.  These Zhu Zhu pets have taken a bit of heat for being too much of a fad, but my girls really love playing with these.

Here is PDs car.  I wanted to show that we got a bit of snow on Christmas.  I should have taken a picture of the house, but then I thought I would put this on because PD's car is already 18 years old  and if I look back on this blog post someday..it is going to look really old and funny.

I also thrifted a couple dress up outfits for the girls.  PK2 really needed a medieval outfit so we can be super dorky and go in costume to the Ren Faire next year. And I couldn't resist the hat for PK1.  Everyone does come to us for the "perfect costume" when they need to dress up as something these days.

Then we had an awesome breakfast of cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon.  PK1 made the eggs for me this year. The cans of soda were not part of the breakfast, they were left out from the company the night before.  My BFF and my mom can groan now that I left out the mess and didn't clean it all up the night before. We headed to the Political Grandparents around noon...will post about that tomorrow.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve... and I talk about some stuff

Christmas Eve, PD was home from work and the girls begged to be pulled in the sled.  There was only a little snow, but he did his best.

I love this picture because it is cute, but also it just makes me think of all the times the girls say "can you zip my coat...I have to go potty...can you tie my shoe...I need a snack."  I love it when PD is around and he is the one who has to shake the snow out of the dropped mitten.

Sidebar on how hard it is to be a full time mom to little kids. When PK1 was two and I was pregnant with PK2 I was complaining to a group of moms about how hard it is to be pregnant and deal with a two year old.  Another mom told me that she hates it when there are dirty fingerprints and smudges all over her glass door, but when she is wiping it down, she tries to pray and thank God for those little fingers that make the mess. That has really stuck with me. Who can argue with that?  Chubby little fingers?  What's not to love? And God gave me these little ones to live at my house!   Another one I came up with on my own was that I used to hate giving the girls a bath.  At the end of a long day, after dinner I just want to punch my time clock and be done.  The faucet in their tub is hard to regulate and hard to reach.  One day though, I realized I only have a really short amount of time left to be giving these girls a bath..soon they would be showering themselves!  After I realized that, I decided to pretend each bath was the last one I was going to give them.  It really changed my attitude. Only problem with that is I would start to tear up every time I gave them a bath!
Here they are with our house in the background.  I love our house.  Whenever we pull in the drive I always tell the girls, "Oooooo here we are at the prettiest house in the neighborhood!"  It is partly for them, but it really helps me to be content when all my friends are building their mansion/houses.  And I do think our house looks pretty sharp with the black shutters I painted last spring and all the work PD has put into it over the years.

Christmas Eve, the Ohio side of our family came to our house.  I didn't have time for pictures because I was playing hostess, but I had to show this great cake the PKs and I made.  It looks pretty normal until you cut it open. Wait for it.....

Oooooo....Aahhhhhh.... Isn't that fantastic?  We had fun making it and I only swore a little ..to myself...in my head. It took five cake pans, two cake mixes, one and a half days and a pound of butter!

I got the idea for the cake here.  And to see my sister's version go here.