Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Won!

Warning: I did not get a lot of cool pictures from election night.  For my husband's sake I just couldn't be that dork with the camera all night.  But election night was pretty exciting and a little surreal.  Around 5 I dropped the girls off at Gram and Papa's and met PD downtown.  Even though we were were kind of giddy and nervous and didn't feel like eating, we went to one of our favorite restaurants just because we could.  There were a bunch of people there that kept coming up to PD and slapping him on the back and saying "good luck" and "heck of a campaign" and other stuff.  I had no idea who all these people were but I am pretty sure PD is getting to be too good for me.  It is a total Don Draper scenario. After dinner we went to a hotel where all the Republican parties were being held.  It was just in time for results to start coming in.  We stopped in at a few parties, but I wanted to watch the results and PD kind of needed to work so we were mostly in this war room full of dorks people at computers.  Here I am with my credentials.

Here is PD working...I know, these pictures are really wowing you aren't they?

Here I am texting my mom with updates. The room is empty because every time someone would give an acceptance speech in one of the ballrooms, everyone would clear out and go watch it.  I sometimes couldn't be bothered to go watch.

We were watching a lot of races because our best political friends are fundraisers and really needed some wins.  It is crazy when a lot of your friends' jobs hang in the balance with these elections. Also, the more "Rs" that won, the better climate to effect some change. are the results with 40% was closer at times than we had hoped, but PD was cool as a cucumber.

And here is the new first family!

PD was already in Cleveland today for policy work.  I am so proud of him!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

The girls with PD before their class this morning.