Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Resolution 2009

There are a few things that I am always working on, that can't really be called New Year's Resolutions because I have been working on most of them my entire adult life.  They include, but are not limited to:

reading my Bible every day:

reducing the muffin top I have been battling since having the two PKs:

parenting with purpose:

and taming my tongue:

But the NEW resolution this year was to read more.  PD says this is not possible and thought I was being sarcastic when I mentioned it, but I am completely serious.  I want to read a bunch of books particularly on the lives of the saints and heroes of the faith.  John Piper and Beth Moore both suggest it as a way to grow spiritually.  I used to like to do this when I was a kid, but have not read one in a loooong time.  I am now almost done with John Paton.
It is unbelievable.  If someone made this story up, you would not believe it! 

I also want to finish this:

It gives the most thoughtful and precise answers to questions and accusations from people who think that Christianity is archaic or closed minded or just one of many choices.  I highly highly recommend it. 

OK, I have to go...when I left off my reading in the John Paton book, he had been hiding in a tree for two days to escape the cannibals!

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MA mom said...

I admire your resolutions. I'm reading an updated version of Peace Child. Imagine taking your infant to live among cannibals and headhunters.