Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Picking

We went apple picking and discovered the best new kind of apple.  Pixie Crunch.  Normally I don't go for fancy new hybrids, but these were the perfect mix of tart and sweet.  See that last picture taken from outside the tractor?  When I was trying to get take that picture, I got left behind by the tractor driver.  I had to run to catch up and jump on the back of the tractor.  It was embarrassing.  Everyone made a big deal about it like "oh are you ok?  "you ran fast!"  "why did he leave you?" But now my kids will tell that every year when we go apple picking.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Orange Leaf

College sister manages an Orange Leaf back in my hometown.  It might have been the night after her wedding, she took all the little cousins for a back stage tour of the place.  Oh they LOVED it! They think she is the coolest. She IS!  I had a couple of cool aunts too.  My Colorado Aunt was in college when I was a kid and she would sun herself in my kiddie pool with cucumbers on her eyes.  My San Antonio Aunt lived with us for awhile and she gave me gum for the first time.  She also served me raw hot dogs on a fishing trip.  (it wasn't half bad) Also my first fishing trip. But I digress.  My girls have college sister and she is the BEST.  She let them help make the big vats of ice cream.  I think they made chocolate brownie and peanut butter.

She is funny:

Look at all the nummy mix-ins they use.  My favorite is cake batter.


Of course eating as much as you want for free is the best part:



Baby cousin:
Here I am wooing my baby niece with bites of my ice cream.  It worked!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

GEMS go to the County Fair

The GEMS entered a quilt in the county fair this year.  Believe me... this was not my idea! Sewing those squares myself while watching sitcoms Helping the girls sew their squares was fairly brutal and only reinforced my insecurities about not being able to cut, sew or draw straight. But the quilt turned out great and it was really fun to go see it on display.  After we saw the quilt, we hit the fairway!  We ate fair food and rode ride after ride. Look how big PK1 is compared to me! How did I get such a grown up kid?

I am sorry, but the big slide is the best ride.

We stood by this pig and made a ton of Charlotte's Web jokes.  For instance, "That's SOME PIG"  "He's TERRIFIC."

This was the PKs first ride on the bumper cars.  They were TERRIBLE!  They kept getting stuck and the carnie guy had to come over and help them.  Finally he just rode around on the back of their car and steered for them.  They get that honest though, I hated the bumper cars.  Seriously?  Here, let me give you $3 to drive slow and get in 20 car accidents.

Checking out the farm equipment: