Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up II: The Party Scene

One of the Christmas parties we went to this year was at this darling and wonderful house down in German Village.
It is always beautiful, but never more so than at Christmas. 
There is always a live two story Christmas tree and the owner decorates inside and out with these gorgeous swags of real fruit and holly that he makes himself.

In truth, it was only fun for about 45 minutes, then I was wishing I was at home, not wearing my painful shoes. 

Political Dad is always doing this:

but I usually find someone to talk to and we get to hear inspiring speeches about the future of Ohio.

This is what we looked like.  The babysitter took it, and it is a little too close up.  PD assures me my hair looked better than that.


MA mom said...

I'm embarrassed by my decorations after seeing the ones at your party. I'd love an evening of party and politics!

mimi said...

German Village--that brought back memories of giant cream puffs!!

chicago_mom said...

Fun to see the house! And you looked hot.