Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up Part III: Home for the Holidays

Well, three homes actually.

Christmas Eve we went to the most beautiful service at the Grandparent's church.  Afterward everyone came back to our house for cookies, snacks and to open a few presents.  PK 1 read the Christmas story aloud for us.

Christmas morning our little family opened a few gifts by ourselves and ate cinnamon rolls, then headed over to the Grandparents house.  There we had a beautiful meal and opened several hundred presents.

The day after Christmas we packed up and drove 900 miles to do it all over again with my side of the family.

My personal highlights were...

the Christmas Eve service.  PK I was sitting by me and listening to her sing the carols was so precious. 

Little Cincinnati cousin kept looking back at us until I asked him to come sit with us and he was just darling.  I would take that child home with me in a heartbeat. Just don't ask him to say "Nutcracker."

This beautiful meal on Christmas Day

Plenty of down time to talk and rest and eat all the things we love for almost a full week with my side of the family.

Sushi with these guys who we would be best friends with even if we weren't related:

Watching these cousins play:
The made-to-order omelets, king bed and heated pool at Embassy Suites!

Watching the ones I love the most open this:
and this:
and for those of you who still haven't had enough of the Polititcal family Christmas... a slide show:

Christmas 2008 from Poltical family on Vimeo.


MA mom said...

Made me cry happy tears knowing how blessed my granddaughters are to have so many people who love them and provide joyful memories for them.

chicago_mom said...

I guess because I hadn't blogged in a week, I assumed you hand't. I have to catch up now! This one was so fun!!! I love the funny Christmas pictures of the girls. And nice white star!