Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Chinese Brother

Guess who we got to see again?

He was cute and funny and chunky.

 He weighs 24 pounds at six months...  the PKs weighed that at 18 months!

His parent's say that he has stranger anxiety, but he loved us! 
OK, I did make him cry once.  I always have to get a little rowdy and playful with little boys and "get" them and say crazy stuff and blow raspberries to prove that I can be a cool fun mom for boys, but sometimes I get carried away.  I get this from my father. But the Chinese Brother recovered nicely and still loves me.  He knows where his bread is buttered!


MA mom said...

He is adorable and so big! 24 lbs
at 6 months!! Wow!

chicago_mom said...

He is cute and funny and chubby. But did you say to him "Hey ladies...there's enough of the Kebin to go around.