Monday, May 31, 2010

Teeth: The Finale

You may remember PK1's teeth problems.  See here: Teeth for a refresher course.  Long story short, her permanent teeth were growing in behind her baby teeth.  We finally had them removed a few weeks ago.  One last "before" of the shark teeth:

I didn't take a picture during the operation because I didn't want to upset the doctor and I was trying to comfort PK1.  She wasn't nervous and she did great, but a couple times her eyes got really big.  I think she was surprised that it hurt when they gave a shot of Novacaine.  The doctor said..raise you hand if it hurts and she immediatly raised her hand.  But it was over so fast and she did great.  Nothing helps the healing process like a day of tv watching!

Here are the teeth with those long roots that just wouldn't give up.

The doctor said that the permanent teeth should move into place now, and they already have a bit I think.  But it looked like this at first:

Oh and for my $230, not only did I receive dental health and some peace of mind...we were able to make some of our money back at the treasure chest.  So I am really only out $229.50.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hair Catastrophe

So I have been trying to grow my hair out.  I thought maybe I would have it long one more time before I turn 40.  I don't know why though..I have never been so happy with my hair since I started wearing it short.  So a few weeks ago I went to get a little trim and a highlight.  That night I was trying on an outfit for a little event and had PD take my picture of it to send my sister:

 ignore the fact that the picture is in the bathroom and you can't see the really cool ruffles on my dress, focus on the fact that my hair is just so very super dorky!!!  When I saw this picture I cried for 36 hours.  I didn't really cry, but I hated. Soooooo.  The night before the event I got scissors and a mirror, went out on the porch and did this:

I have cut my hair before..a little..but this was a lot.  Oh my was bad.  It was a terrible, uneven mullet.  I don't actually have a picture of that. I called my hair lady to fix it, but she wouldn't call me back.  She may have been a little offended.  Then the morning of the event I remembered that PD gets his hair cut by a lady in his old office building near our house.  I called..and she squeezed me in.  It turned out to be one of the best haircuts I have ever had.  The whole salon laughed at me though.  Here is a picture of it.  I am enjoying the Lemon Cake that the girls got me for Mother's Day.  They always get me a lemon cake because it is my favorite.  I was so overwrought.  I broke into it on Mother's Day eve when PD brought it home!  But isn't my hair much better?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday PK2

PK2 had a couple little friends over for a water themed party for her 5th birthday. This awesome slip-n-slide is courtesy of Gigi. Check out the rafts!
Here is our new fence. It is about 2/3 done. I love it as much as I had hoped.

Little Neighbor Girl was in attendance:

PK2 got a lot of really great presents.

Our besties gave her their favorite game Paddle Pool.

Gigi got them these little animals. Both grandmas got something for PK1, which was so nice.

It is also so special to have a Grandma and a Papa in town to come to your birthday party.

I loved having my two best girlfriends there to help and enjoy the day. Between them, these ladies can almost handle me. Well, I also have my best political friend, my mom and my sister..but these ladies are super critical to my life:

It was a really nice day. I sure love having PK2.