Thursday, April 19, 2012


GEMS went to the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory for a tour of the gardens and a lesson about butterflies.

The conservatory has some amazing Chihuly glass sculptures on permanent loan and the tour ends with a butterfly release in the garden.

Even the moms got in on the action.  Everyone commended me for not freaking out when butterflies landed on me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bad Dreams I Have

These are the recurring nightmares I have been having most of my life.  They are listed in no particular order.  Feel free to leave a comment telling me yours.

1. I am back in college and it is finals week.  I realize I am signed up for a class that I have not attended all semester.  When I explain the situation to "the office" they tell me there is nothing that can be done and that I should take the final and see what happens.

2. I am running and a giant ball of dried glue is chasing me and bowling me over.

3.  I am at my childhood home.  I start to walk around the neighborhood and realize there are wild and rabid dogs and hyenas prowling around.

4. My teeth itch and hurt and then I taste blood and reach up and realize my teeth are falling out.  I have googled this one and it is a classic dream to have if you are a control freak and feel out of control.  Well, that explains it.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Dyeing Easter eggs.  So easy and stress free now that my girls are almost 7 and 9.  Although I messed up and didn't so much hard boil my eggs as poach them.  @#easterfail  That didn't ruin the dyeing, just the breakfast the next morning.

We celebrated Easter at our house with our good friends from church this year. Look how cute these kids are.

The girls set the table pretty:

And we made this cross cake.  This actually took me longer than the whole rest of the meal put together. My sister's mother in law makes this with red velvet cake but i just made mine white.  The blood red just seems a little too "Eucharist" to me.

The food.  I just learned how to roast carrots and now I make them a lot.  I don't even usually like cooked carrots.

Pretty girls in last year's dresses.

Getting ready for the egg hunt:

My friend and her little one:

And even though we had to miss the family festivities this year, Gram and Cousin Karen both got the girls an Easter basket.  Thank You!