Sunday, January 25, 2009


Would this be cute?  I am trying to redo the main bathroom (it is used by the PKs and guests).  Nothing major thank GOODNESS, just shower curtain, paint and maybe accessories.

("bathroom accessories" sounds sooooo 80's)

Sidebar..a cute old lady approached me at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago.  She asked why none of the bath sets had the fuzzy toilet covers anymore.

I didn't want to offend her, but with my most understanding face on I said, "Weeeeeeell, I don't think people are using those as much anymore."  I cannot overemphasize how old and cute this lady was.  And her husband was standing behind her holding a TON of bathroom stuff.  He says, "not using them anymore?"  and she says, "No no That's ok...We can change!"


So anyway.  I want to put a collage of pictures in the bathroom.  Do "we" like these?  Or are they not ok for a bathroom? They are from new addiction.  PD needs to stop working because I just sit home ordering things on Amazon and Etsy.


The Whites said...

Yes! We are reading Family Driven Faith right now... it's sooo good!

And, I love Etsy and Amazon! I could spend all day browsing them.

chicago_mom said...

Are those all pictures of you as a child? I think they are...especially the last one. That one looks like it could be you in your CCA uniform reading out on the playground. :)

Cute idea and I do like all the pictures. What color would you do the walls?

ohio12 said...

i am going to do a really light cacky. i don't know if you remember the master bathroom color, but i think the same as that.

really.truly said...

I love the book theme, that would be cute in a bathroom. Then you could put a basket or funky wooden box filled with books in there too:)