Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Poem

The First Thanksgiving
Jack Prelutsky (2006 Children's Poet Laureate)

When the Pilgrims
first gathered together to share
With their Indian friends
in the mild autumn air,
they lifted their voices
in jubilant praise
for the bread on the table
for berries and maize,
for field and for forest,
for turkey and deer,
for the bountiful crops
they were blessed with that year.
They were thankful for these
as they feasted away,
and as they were thankful,
we're thankful today.


chicago_mom said...

She's so precious...Matt and I love the "mmmmmmhmmm" at the end. Did she dive under a pillow and elbow you after she did this? haha. We love birdie.

MA mom said...

good job ellie. love, grammy