Saturday, November 8, 2008


On election day, the Political Dad got up at 6 AM and went door to door to drop literature one last time with his political cronies. I was so excited because he came back at 8 AM and kissed me in the kitchen and I said, "It is morning again in America!" (famous quote from Ronald Reagan)

I was thinking that it was a new era for our family maybe having him around more, but PD's head was still in politics and he said, "It is always darkest just before it goes completely black." This was said originally by Mao Zedong and more recently by John McCain. (That turned out to be somewhat prophetic in his case.)

PD took PK1 to her home school co-op and headed to work. I was very glad I had voted absentee because I had a big day ahead of me applying fake tanner to my legs in order to be nice and bronzey for the big night.

Around 5 PM, we took the girls to the PGs and went to eat dinner with the staff.

It was a really nice restaurant. I had scallops and PD had steak. This was actually the best part of the evening because PD could sit by me and visit.

Here we are:

Here is my dear friend also a political wife who although she looks drunk in this photo is not:

It was good that PD and I had this time together at diner because the rest of the night he was doing this:

(this photo is blurry because he was walking and talking really fast like they do on West Wing)

and hanging out in this dirty little war room they all go to to watch results come in at the party. I go back there occasionally, but I try to avoid it because of the profanity and the likelihood that one's very high heel could get caught on old ribbons or yard sign wire.

One more election post coming in which you will get to see the PKs at the election party.

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chicago_mom said...

Your life is so exciting! Matt does not have a war room! I'm very jealous of a war room.

But someone in his office does think that their is a conspiracy to kill her and that the whole office might be in on it. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.