Monday, November 10, 2008

The PKs on Election Night

The Political Dad told me to refer to the Political Daughters as Political Kids so that he could be PD and they could be PK1 and PK2. He thinks it is easier to follow and so do I.

I have such election fatigue, which is not helped by PD being at a two day "retreat" for political dorks strategists today and tomorrow. So I had to put on my single mom hat again. We may be having tuna melts for dinner both nights.

But here is my last election post for awhile. (I hope)

So the Political Grandparents watched the PKs while we were at dinner and then they came over to the election party.

Don't the girls look cute?

And it was so different than it was two years ago. They behaved so well and we had a lot of fun. They are my two little buddies. PK1 and I even messed around in the fancy bathroom and took pictures of each other on the fancy pink sofa.
They drank a Shirley Temple.  PK1 almost barfed because she doesn't do well with sugar and PK2 was not too sure what to think of the fizz.

Here is the whole Political Family. This picture is a little blurry, which is disappointing as far as a Christmas card picture is concerned, but perhaps not too inappropriate considering our life lately.

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chicago_mom said...

I love the bathroom shots! Haha. And you have to make a collage of the girls wearing their Tiberi shirts from when they were babies until they are big! Alright, the dorky scrap-booking part of me just said that. But you probably should do it.