Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Tree

Last year my friend told me about this really great Thanksgiving calendar. Every night in November each member of the family writes something they are thankful for and puts it in one of the little pockets. I liked the idea because it is always good to find holiday traditions that don't involve gifts, shopping, materialism or calories. Well, I got online and the calenders were like $80!

So I found this idea for a Thankfulness Tree. I made the tree out of sticks ( a little Charlie Brownyish I know) and PK1 and I cut out a bunch of leaves.

Every night we write down on a paper leaf something we are thankful for, and hang it on the tree.

I just happened to take pictures the night PK1 wrote "Bible," not all of them are that lofty.

I was going to do the tree every night, but nothing like a tradition to make glaringly obvious how chaotic your life is! I would say we have done it 1/2 - 2/3 of the nights.

It was special to do it one night with the Political Grandparents and one night with The College Aunt.

We are going to read them all on Thanksgiving!

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On the Verge said...

I was thankful for those days I got to be there:) Love you<3