Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are Most Assuredly Dorks

When PD is home in the evening and we don't have anywhere we have to go, we usually eat dinner at 6, then he plays with the girls from 6:30-7 while I do dishes and then we like to watch Jeopardy. We have a heated little competition to see who can get the most questions right. The girls sometime come and sit on the floor near us while we watch and they say whose team they are on. Despite the fact that I lose a lot, they still choose my team most of the time.

This week my college sister was here and she likes to watch us watch Jeopardy because she is alternately awed by our genius and dumbfounded by our nerdiness.

So lately I have been on a wicked winning steak, maybe it is all the homeschooling, maybe it is because it is college week, but I have been beating the PD soundly of late. When we got to the end the other night, I was gloating about my win and PK1 said: "Well it is just because Daddy wasn't answering any questions!" Exactly.

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