Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Home Stretch Part I

Well, the election is finally over and as I blog, the Political Dad is playing "circus" with the girls. Life is as it should be again. As I said to the PD last week, "These five days have been the longest six months of my life." You know how when you get into the home stretch, it should go faster... well it didn't. Saturday and Sunday PD was in charge of the Pat Tiberi Bus Tour.

We went to see him off and hear the Congressman speak before we went to church on Sunday morning and I should have known, the PDs really wanted to ride the bus. So we went to church, had lunch and a little nap and then I drove them out to ride the last leg of the tour with the bus.

They also got to hang out with the CD (Congressional Daughter) who is exactly PD1's age.

Tune in tomorrow for pictures and stories from election night. Oh... and PD's candidate was one of the few Republicans to have a really good night!

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chicago_mom said...

Congrats on the election. Keep the posts coming...these are so adorable. I feel like we're related to someone famous!