Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Night 2009: The PKs Party Republican-Style

I love election night, but I REALLY love election night when PD isn't running someone's campaign.  He did have to make a couple of appearances though and we decided it would be easier to take the PKs with us to make the rounds this year.

First we went to a party for Issue 2, "Ohioans for Livestock Care."  This is an issue PD has spent some time on this year.

PK1 took this picture of us. I look EXACTLY like my mother.

The PKs were impressed to see Jeopardy on this giant TV. To see our history with Jeopardy click here Jeopardy:

First PD took us around to meet some people, then we sat down and colored and watched the results while he visited some more.  The girls loved ordering whatever they wanted to drink and eat and everyone loved seeing them there.

Then we went to the Athletic Club for another event.  PK2 said in the car on the way, "Are we going to go to another election mommy?"

But pretty soon the girls started hanging on PD like this:

So we hightailed it outta there.  On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and let the kids get some snacks and PD got me some sushi in a plastic container.  Is it ok to eat sushi from a grocery store?  I did not get sick.  We slept in this morning (well not PD) and then laid around reading all day.

Oh and for the record, we are very excited that New Jersey and Virginia have brand spanking new Republican Governors for FOUR years!  Here in Columbus though, the results were not as great.  Hardly any of my people or issues went the way I wanted them to.  Oh well, next year will be the one that really counts.

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MA mom said...

I think it's wonderful that the girls are allowed to attend the political events even if they don't fully understand what it's all about....eventually they will. At least they will know it's important to participate in the process. All of you look beautiful.