Sunday, November 8, 2009

Papa's Patio

Gram has wanted a patio on the back of the house for awhile now and Papa decided this was the year.  Here is the before picture:

It was a HUGE project.  They thought it took a long time (two months), but I thought it went lickety-split when you consider what a big project it was.  They had to order a ton of dirt and sand and stones delivered.

They even had to rent some big machines:

Speaking of big machines, doesn't PD look manly doing all that manly work!

I think it was all worth it though.  We went over to christen it the other night and Gram was really excited. They bought a fire pit and we made smores:

Here are the after pictures:

Doesn't it look professional?  The colors and design are just perfect for the house.  I love it that PD inherited all these great do-it-yourself skills from his dad.  I will have to think of a project for our house next.  We haven't had a big one in awhile.  


mimi said...

Nice looking patio. I love the pictures of the older man(men?). Is that your grandpa? His poses made me smile.

MA mom said...

Now I want a firepit. Looks like so much fun. Good job on the family project! Those grandparents know how to get jobs done.