Saturday, November 14, 2009


Thankfully, PD is not a complete sports nut.  He does like college football though, and he watches all the
Ohio State Football games.  PK2 will watch with him now sometimes.

He sometimes has to go hunt down a place to watch the game since we don't have cable.  

This fall during halftime of the game every Saturday, he has started playing football with the girls.

It is pretty funny.

Football 2009 from Political family on Vimeo.


chicago_mom said...

Very cute. I especially like that Jane wears a helmet. Thank goodness, because you know her dad might just totally lay her out. Safety first!

Kelli said...

He's welcome to watch the game at our house anytime and we can all play halftime football. That's so sweet.

MA mom said...

I showed Dad the video today. He loved it (as did I). Dad said, now that's the way it's suppose to be with dads and daughters. The girls are so funny doing the same thing over and over. So cute.

andrew mellish said...

You're right. It doesn't get old.