Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dental Dilemma

This is a beautiful picture of my beautiful PK1.  Try to fix it in your mind because what I am about to show you is disturbing:

PK1 has a expensive somewhat rare condition where her baby teeth do not fall out on their own.  Her grown up teeth are coming in behind the baby teeth.

Weird..I know.  This is disturbing on many levels.  Money, hassle, stress.  I know though, that in the large scheme of things, it isn't that big of a deal.

We thought she was going to have to have a couple teeth pulled last week.  We were all mentally and financially prepared.  When we went in though, the doctor said that we could give it another six months to try to wiggle those bad boys out.  

I was relieved and disappointed at the same time.  We have been wiggling those teeth for almost a year now and I was kind of ready to have the whole thing over with.  But if I didn't have to spend the money and I didn't have to put PK1 through a bad dental experience, I wasn't going to insist.  So instead she got a regular check up and cleaning.  And PK2 got her first check up and cleaning.

She really felt like big stuff.

I left $250 dollars lighter in my wallet.  That is ok, I didn't want a new light fixture in the dining room and that J Crew sweater was only so-so.  As long as we have good dental hygiene.  Now back to that wiggling.


Kelli said...

So will she have to get all of her baby teeth pulled? Oh my! When I'm glad she didn't have to deal with it right now. Happy wiggling.

chicago_mom said...

She's beautiful, and you're lucky that the new big teeth are in the back at least! I mean, I guess they could be growing straight out in front of the baby teeth! worries. Glad they had a good dental visit but sorry about the dollars.