Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gag Order

This blog was supposed to be at least in part, the ramblings of my life as a political widow...I mean wife. 
PD (Political Dad) has worked in politics for over a decade now in many different capacities.  He is finally doing mostly policy work which has always been his real goal.  He works for a former congressman from here in Ohio,  John Kasich.
Anyway I had hoped to post about political events, behind the scenes gossip, inside information.  You get the point.  Well, every time I try to post something juicy, PD totally puts the kabosh on it.

He has actually been putting the kabosh on me a lot lately.  He informed me that it would not be ok to call someone "Baptist Barbie" even if I meant it as a compliment or suggest that someone looking for an adult swim class join the one for mentally challenged adults at my gym, even though I meant that as a joke! 

PD is very good for me.

He is also very good at his job.

Here is an op-ed about his boss that just came out in the Columbus Dispatch today:

Governor's Budget Plan Will Worsen Ohio's Plight


mimi said...

Yes, my husband is also good at enforcing the gag order on me.

Did I ever mention that my bro and sis in law are in politics(republican)? I have a funny feeling that your husband knows them, which would be so weird. hmmm?

chicago_mom said...

What a nicely written op-ed!

schwadette said...

Saw this article today and totally thought of PD! :)