Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing Church

I can't tell you how much I have learned about "doing church" in the last couple years.  A huge part of that is my small group.  They are such a real group of people and I have learned from each one of them.  We got together last Saturday just for fun stuff and we had the best time.  Besides being real and godly and generous and smart...as I look over these pictures it occurs to me that they are a pretty good looking bunch as well!

Here are our fearless leaders:

I am not going to put names because I didn't tell anyone I was doing this.  But here are the rest of us.


There were a few people missing but this is most of us.  Could my smile be any weirder?

For a few more pictures, you can go to my friend Kelli's blog kitchenwindow-sunflower.blogspot.com


Kelli said...

Why is my smile so crooked? UGH. It's always been that way, even after braces.

On the Verge said...

as soon as i got to your picture i was like...ummmm? and then i saw ur comment about it and i died laughing....