Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Blessings

I am really starting to notice and appreciate the little blessings that God gives us here and there.  Remember this...where the PKs got to make ceramic ornaments at the high school with Gram and Papa?

Well, the art teacher asked us to come in this week to paint the ornaments and glaze and fire them!  I thought that the room would be empty, but there were lots of high schoolers finishing up projects.  Imagine how cool the PKs felt working along with the big kids.  

One nice girl in particular helped us a little.  The teacher was so nice saying how beautiful the girls' work was.

She even invited us back and offered to teach PK1 to knit!

I just can't tell you what a blessing this morning was.  The kids loved it. To watch them get to work  in a high school art studio was such fun!

And speaking of little blessings, my best friend at church had #4 baby last week. She was only 5 pounds, but perfect in every way.  I had only held one baby smaller than that.  She was just incredibly tiny.

Here she is with her big brother.  He and PK1 get along famously.

So tired right now, from all my Christmas preparations, but really looking forward to Christmas Eve tomorrow! And hoping to continue to look for and enjoy those little blessings during this holiday week.  For starters PD was home early enough to read with the girls tonight.  We are working through our stack of Christmas books and they read Gift of the Magi.  PK1 really loved it this year.  And I am glad PD was the reader because it is a loooong one!

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Kelli said...

How fun with the crafting. I loved ceramics in school. That sweet baby...I can't wait to see her. Have a very Merry Christmas.