Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was so wonderful and relaxing this year.  It is fun the years we go to the big city of Chicago, but having four luxurious days at home is pretty nice too and just what we needed this year.  We slept late and watched the parade:

Packed up and headed to Gram's around noon:

I made pie:

Gram and Papa get all stocked up with our favorites.  Vino for me:

Chex mix for you think Gram made enough? (This is PK1 dipping into it before the meal.)

PD is the potato masher:

The incredible meal.  I am not kidding, every dish was perfect.

After the dishes, PK2 and I kicked back and watched a marathon of Cake Boss.  The PKs ask me "Why don't we have these shows at our house?"  Me, "Ask your father." Between you and me I think he is half too cheap to buy cable and half afraid the girls and I would stop studying Latin and start watching TLC all day! He may have a point..but whatever.

Then they played a bunch of games:

And Gram gave the girls their ornament for the year.  A bird for PK1 and Curious George for PK2..perfect!

And the day after Thanksgiving, PD and the girls went to Home Depot for light bulbs and came home with TEN poinsettias for me!  They were a dollar a piece.I should have been generous and given half away to the neighbors, but the house looks so great with all the red..that I just stink'in kept them!

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Kelli said...

Ooh, that sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving!!! I laughed about you and the TV :)