Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Birthday for PK1

Saturday night Papa and Gram came over to celebrate the birth of PK1.  Sorry I look a little peeked in the picture.  I think I did have some make-up on, but I have been fighting a bronchitis thing.  PK1 requested burgers on the grill, which is a summer food, but easy, so I agreed.  PD had to put his snow boots on to get to the grill.

It is the year of Playmobil at our house. Gram got PK1 the pet clinic and she and her sister have not stopped playing with it for a second.  Little does she know she is getting three more pieces for Christmas! This is such a great toy and I know it will bring hours of joy in the long winter months.

Gigi got her this American Girl outfit and bird watching kit.  It is the cutest thing.  The binoculars work and the book is really a tiny book about birds.  So glad Gigi sprung for this because I was having a hard time stomaching the price tag.  But PK1 has had that page of the catalogue bookmarked for a year now.  Thank you Gigi!

Sorry to put a gratuitous cake picture on here, but I just thought this cake was so cute and we got it very spur of the moment. It was so perfect for PK1.

Had to end the evening with cards.  PD and I had the kitchen spic and span by the time they were done playing.  What a great evening.  Now I have a couple days to breath before Christmas is here!


The Starr Family said...

What a beautiful family you have! Just found your blog thru Kelli's blog! Love finding another proud Ohio blogger...

MA mom said...

Eight years old already...that was fast! What a fun birthday. Love your cake, but mostly I love the birthday girl (and her sister).