Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas on the Farm

We were involved in a Christmas program for our Nursing Home Ministry this year. The theme was "Christmas on the Farm" and it was a collaboration between the residents of the nursing home and the kids.  It was such a blessing to be involved in.  There are a few things that I know we have given up by homeschooling and the opportunity to be in a school program is one of them.  PD and I decided that the pay offs are greater than the sum of these little things we give up.  But it has been so great to see how God has placed little replacement opportunities for us here and there.  This is a great example.  The PKs and I had a lot of fun learning all the songs, gathering costumes and performing.  This is our wonderful and talented leader Miss Connie.

Even the daddies were able to sneak out of work for a couple hours to come support us.

For one scene all the kids dressed as characters from the nativity.  PK2 was an angle (haha) and her little BF was a camel.

Here is the whole group.

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Kelli said...

You guys do some really neat stuff and your girls are going to be so well-rounded! Loved your card and the little list of things for each person.