Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday at Our House

My sister asked recently what we do on a typical Saturday.  I would say only about half our Saturdays are typical.  We have either family events, out of town guests or something for our church about half the time.  During campaigns PD would just have back to back events.

But we have been having more typical Saturdays lately and today was one of them so here goes:

8:30 PKs wake up and watch a Dora video and eat dry cereal.

9:00 PD brings me some coffee and goes out to mow the lawn.

9:15 I get up and make eggs for everyone.  It is kind of opposite around here because PD makes breakfast on weekdays and I make a big breakfast on Saturdays.  By now the kids are outside with PD doing sidewalk chalk while he mows.

10:15 PD comes in and eats, showers and leaves to go to a walk through for a big political event on Monday.   By now I am rubbing a pork shoulder with spices and calling a friend for advice because I realize I do not have the right kind of roasting pan.

11:15 I am just finishing getting the breakfast and pork stuff cleaned up.  I throw in a load of laundry and sit down to finish reading an article I have been trying to finish for three days. Little neighbor girl is now over though and the kids are calling me from the back yard every two minutes for drinks, to reach toys that are hung up in the garage and to watch tricks they are performing on the swing set.

12:00 PKs are hungry.  I make them and the neighbor girl a peanut butter and jelly and chips.  I think my friend Kristina would never serve lunch without cutting up fruit to go with it, but I have already made a lot of food today and I can always make the girls a smoothie later.

12:30 They are done eating and want to play more before we head over to the PGs to see their garage sale and Little Cincinnati Cousin who is in town for the weekend.

1:00  We head to the PGs.  PK2 takes the new scooter that Great PG gave her for her birthday.  We watch the kids play and PK2 rides her scooter up and down the sidewalk like a champ.

1:30 Great Grandma is leaving and when PK2 runs to hug her goodbye she falls and skins both knees.  Everyone is horrified, but PG has Hello Kitty Band Aides and Neosporin.  I find it ironic that it wasn't the Razor scooter that did her in, but the hug.

2:00  We head home and PD is there.  He is pulling weeds.  I join him for a bit but I only like to pull weeds when it is really easy and these were tough ones so I go in and address thank you notes for PK2's birthday gifts and putter around the house a bit.  Soon PD says the ground is too dry to weed and he starts returning e-mails on his laptop.

4:30 We are hungry so we eat the pork I made with corn tortillas, sour cream and lime.  I bought a beautiful bunch of Cilantro to go with it but it didn't smell as good as usual...I looked...and it was parsley.  Darn it.  That is not what I wanted.

5:30 We go to Oakland Nursery to get the lilac bush I was promised for Mother's Day. It was a madhouse and we couldn't get anyone to answer our questions.

We didn't end up buying anything except a cilantro plant:

But we liked looking around and the kids played on this:

6:30 Stopped at DQ.

7:15 Baths for two girls.  PK2 was beyond filthy.

8:00 Books, prayers and bed.

That is as far as we have gotten today. The rest of the night may look a lot like most nights.  Me and PD on separate computers or watching a TV show we taped this week.  I need to make sure we all have something to wear to church tomorrow.  It is our turn to serve in the nursery.

Congratulations if you are not my mom or sister and you read this.


Kelli said...

I'm not your mom or sister and I loved the post. That is interesting that it wasn't the scooter but the hug that did her in. Sounds like a busy Saturday. Hey we need to get together for dinner one night.

mimi said...

I think it's fun to see how other families spend their Saturday. Sounds somewhat typical to many of ours...minus DQ(we need a DQ).

andrew mellish said...

Nice post... and yes, I read it all.