Saturday, May 9, 2009

Run Baby Run

Today I ran my first ever 5K. I am loving my tag that says, "runner."

I am not an athlete AT ALL. I do exercise regularly, but I usually stick to the elliptical machine and a few light weights. My real athlete friend talked me into trying to run a 5K with her this spring and I have been training for maybe ten weeks.

I haven't hated the training as much as I thought I might. Running does give you kind of a cool endorphin rush, but I have fought shin splints a little. I was going to just be happy to run and finish, but my friend kept encouraging me to shave more and more off my time.

I ended up really enjoying the race. I was a little nervous that some unknown factor would crop up, but it didn't. The weather was nice and cool and it was beautiful to run along the river in downtown Columbus.

Our other friend ran with us too. By the way, these have to be the only two people in the world who can make me look tall in a picture.

Here I am coming into the home stretch. I am glad the picture isn't any more close up because I was a hot mess!

The PKs had a lot of fun cheering for me, but wondered why I didn't win and encouraged me to try to win next time. For the record, my goal was to run it in 36 minutes and I did it in 35:15. This was especially good because it turned out to have some uphill, which I had not trained for AT ALL. My athlete friend wanted to do it in 29 minutes and she did it in 28 something. It was a resounding victory for a couple of political moms.


Kelli said...

You go girl...I'm so proud. I find out all kinds of things about you on your blog!

MA mom said...

I am super impressed!!! You are so self disciplined in everything you put your mind to...knowing your mother, I can't believe you trained for and accomplished that goal. Are you sure we're related??? love you...keep up the good work.

mimi said...

That is wonderful!! I am not a runner, but I'd love to be able to do that!!

It was fun seeing pictures of Columbus!

Urban Mom said...

Great work! So when is the 10K? (hee hee) Seriously, you should be proud!

Ellen said...

Congrats on the run! I wish I could be so motivated... :)