Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And so it begins...

Monday night was the official kick off event for Kasich for Governor 2010.

This will be what PD is living and breathing for the next 18 months and if all goes well, the next four years.  It was an exciting night.

There were thousands of people there and it was fun to see all the media and elected officials.  It was also kind of long and hot.  I was glad the PGs offered to drive us because they helped me out tremendously with the PKs.

It started out fun and exciting:

Then they started to fade:

And eventually dropped off completely:

I am interested in politics, although I have discovered I am really more into policy, the issues, and so is PD.  Which is great because that is what he will mostly be doing now.  There will be political work because he is a part of that team, but a lot of the political work he did last year (for a different candidate) will not be part of his job anymore.

And while I am interested in policy and love reading all about what PD does and discussing it with him and attending a few things, I am really more excited about what the Lord is doing in our home and family and church.  I am so thankful that I can teach them at home and have the freedom to do all the stuff we like to do. Maybe it is because I am drunk on all the sunshine I just absorbed at our first day at the pool today, but I am just glad to be doing what I am doing.

For a whole slide show of pictures follow this link:  Event Slide-Show

I know some of you ladies would really like to see the stunning Mrs. Kasich.  She looked like a model!


Kelli said...

Look at the babies all wiped out! I'm glad that went well and that PD will be doing what he enjoys...makes for a happy place.

schwadette said...

I was looking for shots of you guys in the media coverage :). YEAH!! I'm going to start praying now for this run for governor! Kasich seems like a great person for the job....