Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday Fashion Fiasco

Every year PD goes to approximately 100 political events.  I try to attend 4 or 5 of said events with him.  This Friday is one of my favorite ones to go to. Some years it is a breeze to find something to wear in my closet. Sometimes I buzz over to Macy's and the perfect thing is waiting for me for $30 bucks.  Sometimes it is a nightmare.

Well, it wouldn't be a good blog post if this one wasn't a nightmare.  I went shopping once by myself this week and once with the PKs.  I know it is normal to just look around and wait to buy something until you find the right thing, but I kept thinking my time was limited and I didn't know what else I would find....SO I bought FOUR, count them FOUR dresses.  (yes, I kept the tags on and receipt)

Things were complicated by the fact that I am going to a wedding in August and was hoping to buy one dress and wear it to both.

But the wedding is a casual beach type wedding and nothing seemed right.  I really liked this one best:

But I think a 34 year old homeschool mom in a strapless dress may be a little desperate.  I liked the red, but it is too fancy for the beach wedding. SOooooooo wait for it.

I am going to wear these pants I have and a $15 top from Target.  It didn't photograph well, but it looks classy.  I think I just heard college sister have a stroke in Kansas.  Weigh in and tell me your favorite, but I think I am going to go for the pants.  After a glass of wine I will not think about what I have on anyway and I will just enjoy visiting with adults and maybe dancing with PD.

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mimi said...

I always say that...after a glass of wine I won't care what I'm wearing!

I LOVE all 4....including the knee pant ensemble. I think the red might be too fancy. What would you feel most comfortable in? You must post what you choose.

My vote...the last one or the first. But, the 3rd is really cute too. Tough decision.

Kelli said...

They are all very cute. I like the first one the best. Decisions, decisions.

schwadette said...

I like the first dress - classy with an edge. I like the outfit with the shirt and "shorts" - but it looks more casual than the dresses. Where did you find the dresses? I need a dress for a July wedding....

fanningflame said...

I think the first one is absolutely gorgeous. I didn't like the red at all (too poufy) and I'm not really a big fan of the pants. I did like the last one as well, but I thought the combination of the shorter length with the strapless top might be pushing it a bit (at least I'd feel that way if I was wearing it).

Have fun on your night out! I love going to fancy work-related functions with dh.

On the Verge said...

1. i DID in fact have a stroke...but dont worry...i can get u through this;) just kidding you have some great choices lu! allow me to weigh in...
- you MUST...i repeat...MUST keep the first dress. LOVE the pattern, love the style, love the length, LOVE. BUT...i wouldn't wear those black heels with it. im thinking silver heels (strappy) with some light silver bracelets or necklace. that dress is extraordinary.
- hate the red dress...LOVE that you are branching out into other styles, but the top of it is too loose on your tiny little waist! kinda looks like you have a window curtain or bedspread on. use the heels in the red picture for dress one.
- i like the third dress, not as much as the first one, but like it. gives you a great bust, which is a plus;)...def more casual than the first one, so if you feel too fancy for the friday thing, go with this one, but you MUST (again) KEEP THE FIRST DRESS.
and good job with shoes here. add accessories or a clutch.
- TYPICAL last outfit...i have to say that..BUT i DO LIKE IT:) stylish top....white = in good there. BUT AGAIN...diff shoes i think. i know it sounds crazy not to go to the black shoes for this outfit, but for try to throw a lil light touch of diff shoes in there to help the outfit...and add a few bangle bracelets(i can send u mine to borrow if you want)

good job lu<3 hope this helps haha... one more comment about the white pants is that you will inevitably spill that wine you will be drinking on them and then cry to ben in the middle of his party ...BUT...maybe u will have had enough wine not to care;)
love you
~college sis~

MA mom said...

I'm mostly jealous that you're so thin!! I love the first and third dresses. The white pants seem a tad too casual for the top and the events, but what do I know about fashion???

Colleen said...

Love the first dress look beautiful! Where did you find it?

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love all of your outfits! I went to an outdoor wedding in Florida last year and it was hard for me to decide what to wear, too.

Thanks for joining my party! Anyone with the word "Ohio" in their blog name is always welcome. :-)

Ashley and Eric said...

I think the first dress, the black and white one looks FANTASTIC! Classy, sophisticated, but feminine.

Daly Essentials said...

ohhh I really love the first dress! Obviously you know how dressy the events are.. but that first dress seems like a classic!!

Things That Inspire said...

I love the first look fantastic in it!

MelancholySmile said...

It's always wise to wear something you feel comfortable in, but I HAVE to plead--- buy the first dress! It could easily be dressed down for a beach wedding {Silver gladiator sandals, tissue thin cardigan or a few casual bangles.} The shorts are just too casual, and you are FAR too attractive to waste yourself on it! Pick the first dress!

No Fashion Will said...
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