Monday, May 4, 2009

Congrats to College Sister

On Saturday College Sister graduated from college:

She graduated from MY alma mater:

With a degree in Psychology:

I was so proud that she graduated with Honors! PK1 was proud too:

Look at my parents, so happy they got all three daughters through school. They kept saying they looked like the grandparents, but I think they look great!  My mom is beautiful and classy!  (that is where I get it)

I am not sure what I will call College Sister in my blog now.  But I still call my almost four year old, "the baby", so don't look for any sudden changes.


Kelli said...

I love the "will work for food" true! And your mama is beautiful.

Ellen said...

I have a psychology degree. She *will* have to work for food. ;) However, a psych degree is pretty versatile as far as grad programs go...she could go back for just about anything should she choose to do so. :)

chicago_mom said...

Hilarious. Matt likes the sign too. I'm jealous that Katie looks so pretty in her graduation pictures. I don't look good in graduation outfits. Granted, I may have been pregnant at my college graduation...wait, no, but almost. :)

ohio12 said...

chicago_mom, I was pregnant at your graduation, (just barely) and you were three months behind me, so yes, "almost!"