Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"How to Spend a Summer Day" by PK1

If your mom says she is too busy cleaning and packing to go to the pool, get your sister and mope around fussing.  Claim all your toys are boring and that your sister doesn't play nice.  Lie down on the floor and say you are bored even though your mom let you have two neighbor friends over all morning.  Then your mom will throw you out into the yard and say, "Go entertain yourself."  Get everything out of the garage including baby toys that your mom has ready to give to Kidney Foundation:
Play in a somewhat dangerous manner with the baby toys:
Set up an aquarium using toy animals and lots of buckets:

Draw an entire town on the driveway using sidewalk chalk:

Ask to eat dinner outside..say you are too dirty to come in.  Then make your mom come in and out a thousand times back and forth from the kitchen with extra food, dip for your veggies and refills on milk and fruit.  You are very hungry from playing so hard.

Say you don't want to go inside until your dad gets home because you want to show him everything you made. Fuss again because there is no dessert in the house.  Have your mom call your dad at 8 o'clock and say "get home and bring the kids some ice cream."

Then after your treat,complain when mom says you have to take a shower.  Then in the shower, fuss when she says to get out because it feels so good.  Get all tucked into bed and then start wiggling your loose tooth until it starts to bleed and you have to get up and ask for help.  Hmmm, maybe my mom will take me to the pool tomorrow.

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Mamarazzi said...

Yep...that'd be my girls idea of a perfect summer day as well...specifically about making mom go in and out all the time and then the fussing...that's an A+ idea for summer fun...FUSS FUSS FUSS:)