Thursday, August 19, 2010

This and That and the Other

I got a new rug for the family room. Now I want new lamps.
Both grandparents were here at once!  The girls were in heaven.  Today I asked PK2 which grandparent was the craziest...immediate response...Grandad. When my parents were here, Grandad awed them by swimming under water all the way across the pool.  Ever since then, PK2 has been trying to do the same.  She makes it about 3 feet of course.
I also bought this vintage map of Ohio on ebay.  Maybe for the powder room?
Nature walks with dad almost every Sunday afternoon.  Don't you love the knee socks?  She prefers them.

PK1 is such a beautiful girl.  Inside and out.  God gave me the best girl He created in 2002 and just the right girl for me.


Kelli said...

Nice rug. I want to get a cute one for my kitchen. Sounds like a great visit with all of the parents :) Miss you.

schwadette said...

What a fun spot for a nature walk! Where is it?? :) LOVE the rug... and i like your lamps too... they're very pottery barnish.

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

i LOVE that rug...sweet choice big sister!!!! LOVEEEE it! also the girls both look SO pretty:)
ps how cute was dad in those khaki cargo pants and t shirt. i about fell over when i saw him the day he came home!

HollyDays said...

LOVE, LOVE the OHIO map. I am loving maps to decorate! :)

chicago_mom said...

The rug looks great! Nice and light and bright in there with the white fireplace and the new rug. When I leave to go buy something light and bright, I still come home with something earthy and dark. I can't stop! Glad you finally found your vintage map! Looks cute. Powder room is a cute idea for it.

aunt marty said...

This is my day to catch up with my fav nieces' blogs. So fun and enjoy seeing the "goings on" of everyone. My great nieces are getting too big, too fast. Ah well, at least I stay the same age. Oh, BTW, I can totally relate to Susan's comment on always coming home with something "dark and earthy"…..a bit of a curse. Love you!