Thursday, August 5, 2010


PK1 lost her 6th tooth at 9:30 the other night.  Besides the ones that we had removed by the dentist, her tooth losing routine has been exactly the same each time.  She gets in bed as though it is a normal night.  PD and I go about our evening under the false illusion that our offspring are asleep for the night.  We go about doing chores, checking e-mail, drinking adult beverages and chatting.  Little do we know that PK1 is in her bed wiggling her tooth.  Around 9:30, she emerges from her room quiet and stealthy, sidling up to one of us with a bloody mouth and a tooth hanging by a thread. "I sink my soos is ohing oo um out."  Then we all stand in the bathroom for 15 minutes watching her pull it out.

Then she runs in to write the tooth fairy a long-winded note:

Then she puts her tooth first in one tooth holder, then another.

This routine is never varied.

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Kelli said...

Routine is good!