Tuesday, July 27, 2010

VBS Take 2

The PKs went to VBS in our neighborhood with all their neighborhood buddies last week.  This is so funny.  The church that was hosting the VBS also provides a free breakfast and lunch program to needy kids all summer.  They said that the VBS kids could just eat it too.  But all of us snotty moms thought..oh it will be that terrible school lunch they always feature on 20/20 that has no nutritional content and we told our kids, "We can eat at home, we don't need to eat the lunch and breakfast."  Well, we show up on the first day of VBS and all the neighbor kids are eating the breakfast.  The other moms said they couldn't stop them, they wanted to have it too!  The PKs are like, "Why can't we eat the breakfast too."  You can see where this is going...

I am pretty sure it was the chocolate milk that got them.  Anyway, my kitchen was really clean the rest of the week because my kids ate school lunch.  Here is PK1 at the breakfast line.  Papa, you may recognize a friend of yours who was volunteering at the church.  He may or may not think we are on food stamps.

And here is PK2 with her new best neighbor friend.  (also eating the aforementioned free food)

Here they are dressed in some of the stuff they made.  PK2 wore that cape all week.  (and no, I don't think she is supposed to look like Elton John) Loved seeing my big girls having fun and being independent, but also glad to have them back home.

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