Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank You Notes

PD and I love this segment on Late Night.  Jimmy Fallon writes these thank you notes to people.  Some other bloggers do something similar and I think I might try it occasionally.

Dear Ohio Winters, Thank you for reminding me this week, how much I hate you.  You are getting bitter and so am I.  Please pass by quickly.

Dear Lotion Company,  Thank you for making a solid product.  I may have to buy stock in you.  I have to use you to rub down the daughters on a nightly basis to stave off raw winter skin.

Dear Kasich Policy Team, Thank you for getting together on the weekends to eat meals and discuss things. Apparently the term "work hours" means nothing to you.

Dear Supreme Court Justice Alito, Thank you for saying, "Not true" to the president during the state of the union address the other night.  He should not use the State of the Union address to chide the Supreme Court. You are darling and you are now my second favorite Justice after Antonin Scalia.
Dear Birthday, Thank you for being next week!  I plan to gain five pounds celebrating you.

Dear PK1, Thank you for giving me my dignity when I insisted that a thrall was a gazelle like animal and you said it was a Viking slave and we looked it up and you were right and you didn't throw it up in my face too much.

Dear PK2, Thank you for keeping me on my knees.  When I asked you if you wanted to show God's love to sister by letting her have her way, you shook your head no.


On the Verge said...

"What would be the point?" .....

MA mom said...

Thank you PK1 for being like PD.
Thank you PK2 for giving your mom paybacks.
Thank you, Supreme Court, for enduring an undeserved and inappropriate insult thus giving the world an undeniable glimpse of reality.

ohio12 said...

HA! I love it mom!

Kelli said...

These are great. I love your wit.

Mamarazzi said...

awesome post..I LOVE it...I think I might just steal it for tomorrow's post!!!

and so...

Thank you for this post idea as my brain seems way too far gone lately and therefore is in need to stealing other people's ideas and taking full credit:)