Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tale of Woe

I have been contemplating whether to write about our little series of unfortunate events.  I don't want to be whiny or woe is me because who wants to hear that?  But I also don't want to only post about the good things and look back in 10-20 years and forget the hard times either.  It is almost comical how many bad things happened in a short times span so here goes nothing... cue violins:

It all started in December when PD and I decided to get a new mattress as our present to each other for Christmas.  We slept on an air mattress and realized it was more comfortable than our regular one, so we knew it was time. But then our car needed tires and a repair so we were not able to get the mattress. Not such a big deal, we can save up for a few months and try again later.

Then after Christmas, my camera broke.  OK, have to record the kids lives, we haven't bought a camera in seven years, mattress gets pushed furthur down the road and we start saving for a camera.  Maybe by my birthday I can get a camera.

Here is when it starts to get bad.  PD got in a car accident, he is fine thank goodness, but there was damage to both cars, our rates are going up and we have to pay the deductible.  Now the camera and mattress are just a fantasy.

Then on Saturday morning we awoke to a kitchen floor full of water.  The ice maker in our fridge had been spewing out water all night flooding the floor, down through the floor and into the basement. PD spends the day cleaning it up and trying, unsuccessfully to fix the ice maker.

Then last Monday PD got home really late from work. We were "discussing" the fact that he should have called, when PK2 comes in to tell me that PK1 is throwing up.  She threw up every 15 minutes all night and off and on for another day.

The second day of her illness, I felt like the house was a little cold, so I went to turn up the thermostat.  After awhile I realized it was getting colder not warmer.  The furnace was not working.  I waited a few hours for PD to be able to come home and take a look at it.  It was 54 degress in the house.  I would have gone over to my in-laws, but with one kid puking it seemed wiser to stay put. PD was not able to fix it and we had to call the repair man.  It was $130 for him to come out for a half an hour, but it did make me very very grateful for our heat.

As soon as PK1 was starting to get better, PK2 started throwing up.

Another night running back and forth to the bathroom with a daughter.  Then when she was starting to get better PD started throwing up.  But at least he can pretty much take care of himself and I got some sleep.

I was even going to work on being content this year.  I wasn't going to complain as much about PD working all the time or the cold Ohio winters.  I really struggle in the winter when my friends start to talk about their warm Florida vacations, knowing we are not, nor will we ever probably, be able to do that.

But when I get the kids tucked in bed, and the laundry is humming in the washer and I am eating Nutella with a spoon and talking to PD, I know I am blessed and this is the life God has for me.  We have been almost back to normal for a couple days and I think I am going to be ok. (Oh and Gram and Papa lent me their camera, so hopefully the next post will have some better pictures!)


chicago_mom said...

Matt and I are very sorry for your Job scenario. Glad everyone is better, but maybe we'll send you our air mattress. Just kidding.

Kelli said...

Oh my! You are really going through a storm...please let me know if you need anything. You can have my old Kodak camera if you want it. It may need a new battery but it has a printer dock and everything. Say the word and it's yours!

mimi said...

I'm sorry that all that happened....but I'm glad that you shared. It's real life...sometimes it seems like it's pouring, doesn't it. I hope the rain stops and the sun starts shining on you all! It's been a strange few months, hasn't it?

I was hoping for Columbus!!! I eat Nutella by the spoon too ;)

mimi said...
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