Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Pics..this and that

I had to throw in a few more pictures from the Christmas Season.  Here is Gram with the girls.  She gives them an ornament for their tree every year.  This year PK1 got a bird (she and Gram are both very interested in birds) and PK2 got a Winnie the Pooh.

We attended a Christmas party at the beautiful little red house in German Village with the 20 foot Christmas tree:

We celebrated PK1's 7th birthday with Gram and Papa:

Gram and Papa got her a stuffed animal polar bear which she loved!

And for my mom and sister, here is the cabinet I painted this November..all dressed up for Christmas:

I also painted the dining room and PD removed the dark wood chair rail that divided the walls.  I also replaced the heavy velvet curtains with lighter ones that let in a lot more light:

And here is the piano.  PD called this the Catholic Vintage Christmas because I used his mom's vintage ornaments and I have been really into those catholic candles with the saints on them.  I think they are cool looking for $1.99 a piece.  I also found a vintage plate at the thrift store with the Last Supper on it.  I love it:


MA mom said...

I love all the new decorating projects you've done. Beautiful and creative! And I'm very thankful that the girls have such wonderful grandparents closeby....that's a true blessing for them.

schwadette said...

Crack me up with the Catholic Vintage Christmas on the piano. FUNNY! LOVE the dining room... the curtains look so pretty... I'm jealous! Where did you find them??

really.truly said...

Your Christmas decor is very cute!

Happy New Year!