Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Past

I turn 35 today!  I had a hot date night planned with PD, but a big blizzard is blowing through town and we may not make it.  Not surprising after the month we have had!  We will do it another time I am sure.

Growing up, my good friend from church had a birthday just a few days different from mine.  She was a real godsend because our church was really small and she was the only other girl even close to my age.

I was always so jealous of her though because she was an only child, and she had a pool table, naturally curly hair, a double sink in her bathroom, lots of smocked Polly Flinder dresses and her dad worked for the corporate headquarters of Pizza Hut and brought home free pizzas that he could have made any way he wanted.  That's cool though, because after I helped dry the communion glasses I got to eat the leftover communion bread, so was a tie.  She was really nice and we played Barbies together and had sleep overs all the time.

The year I turned 6 and she turned 5, we had a combined birthday party.  Here we are.  (Notice her smocked dress.) Love you SE!


The Whites said...

Happy birthday!

And, eating left over communion is way cooler than pizza hut. ;-)

Kelli said...

That is Elizabeth in that picture!!!! Wow. Happy birthday girlfriend. I'm glad to be one of your current church friends...but no pool table, sorry.

Mamarazzi said...

Okay...Jayne is your mini me!

mimi said...

Hey...Happy Birthday!! Mine was on Feb 7th :)