Friday, August 7, 2009


PD and I went to Michigan for the weekend to attend my cousin's wedding.  We left the PKs home to have lots of fun with the PGs because I wanted to be available to visit with all my relatives that I never get to see.   Also because the wedding was on our 11th anniversary! 

I tried to label all the people in the pictures for those of you who care, but people are from all different families, so it might get a little confusing.  Basically I have two aunts, my dad's sisters, and they each have three kids, all my cousins.  Hillary, the bride is right in the middle age-wise, of the nine of us.  I am the oldest, but the youngest is now twenty!  Unbelievable.

Here is a little slide show I made of the event:

If you still haven't had enough, my sister blogged about the event too.  She did a better job than I did of taking pictures of the beautiful venue.  See it here:  Wedding


Kelli said...

Nice pictures. I love the one of you and your honey by the vineyard, embracing. I'm glad you had a nice time.

chicago_mom said...

The quality of your pictures is way better than mine. Everyones skin looks so nice! And even with that ghetto camera of yours. haha.

mimi said...

That was really cute. I'm having dress fever over here....I don't think I saw one that I did not like!! Everyone looked great and what a beautiful day!!

BTW-Did you get your haircut? It's adorable!