Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Summer 2009

We love our pool.  It is a little bit ghetto and very 60's, but it is cheap, close by, rarely crowded and we love all the people.  And now that I don't have to stand in arms reach of the PKs anymore, I can lay on a chair and relax while they have a ball.  This year I was even accepted by a fun group of moms I like to call "the catholic school moms."   Even some of our local politicians will occasionally take a dip in the best kept secret (pool-wise) in central Ohio. Sadly I do not have any pictures of this.  PD was able to join us at the pool on Saturdays so much more than in the past since he is not currently running a campaign.  He actually developed a slight tan line. I do not have a picture of that either.

First Day at the Pool:

I take this picture every year.  Here they are last year:

They love the slide:

PK1 learned to dive:

And jump off the board:

PK2 can jump really far out:

Even LNG goes to this pool:

She is such a crack up.  Before this picture she said, "Let's put our arms around each other like we are best friends."

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Kelli said...

How cute, that last statement. Looks like a fun pool. I'm glad hubby got to go with you more this year.