Saturday, July 25, 2009

American Girl Store: The Local Version

We were driving home from the gym and I decided to detour to check out a garage sale on the block next to ours.  I almost didn't turn because most people in our neighborhood have even worse stuff than us.  Sure enough, the garage sale was a bust.

But the house across the street had a little sign in the yard with a little balloon on it that said:

"American Girl Open House."

Again, I almost didn't stop.  I thought someone might be selling American Girl stuff out of their home, but I also thought maybe it was a little party someone was having and I was going to knock on the door in my sweaty gym clothes and embarrass myself.

I talked it over with PK1 and told her what I was thinking.  She put her hands over her eyes, kicked her legs and begged me not to go to the door, because she gets very embarrassed easily.  I told the PKs to sit tight, I would go to the door myself.   I just had to know.

Sure enough, a nice lady refurbishes AG dolls and makes AG clothes and sells them right in her living room!

It was a real wonderland.

I bought the PKs each a swimsuit for their doll.

Then we came back later in the day with Little Neighbor Girl. I did buy a couple more things secretly and stashed them away for Christmas.

Miss Judi was such a delight:

As always, click on photos if you want to see them bigger.  And if anyone wants to go to one of the open houses, let me know and I will let you know when she hosts one again.


schwadette said...

HOLY SMOKES! It's like the American Girl store puked in her living room! :) I bet the girls LOVED it! Thanks for having us over tonight... sorry the boys were OBNOXIOUS (we're totally embarrassed!)... besides them... we really enjoyed hanging with you guys! :)

Colleen said... MUST let us know about girls would be in heaven!!! OH where does this sweet lady live?

chicago_mom said...

Sounds very fun! I especially loved that Ellie didn't want to go to the door. I would have felt like that too as a kid. My kids, however, have no shame. :)

Cute suits.

Kelli said...

Wow, you hit the AG jackpot. How fun for the girls.