Friday, August 21, 2009

If you give a pig a pancake...

There is this really cute kids book called, "If you Give a Pig a Pancake."  I am not sure, but it might be anti-socialist propaganda.  Anyway, the gist is, if you give a pig a pancake it sets off this chain of events, he will want syrup, then a glass of milk, then he might spill the milk etc etc.

Well, that is what happened with our home project last Saturday.

About half the windows in our house are broken.  Not the glass, but the mechanism.  They have to be held up with a stick.  One is actually being held up by an old VHS tape.  It isn't the safest and it certainly isn't the most attractive.  Almost every time my sister visits, she pulls the stick out and it comes crashing down.

So we called a guy out, we never call a guy.  PD is the guy.  But we called a guy out and it was going to be like $150 per window for parts and labor.  This is why we don't call a guy.  But PD said that he watched the guy take the window apart and he could fix it himself.  So we took all the parts off and shipped them to Cinncinati.  They sent us back the replacements. This process itself, took a month.

After a big breakfast on Saturday, PD started to fix the windows.

I decided to wash the windows and the screens while they were out.

Then I decided that the side that faces out would be much easier to paint while they were out, so I gave them a fresh coat of paint.

While I was at Home Depot getting the paint, I could not pass up some half price perennials. (those had to go in the ground now too.)

Then I thought the freshly painted windows would make the rest of the trim look bad, so I had PD touch that up a little too.

It was  a long day and we only did four windows!  The rest will have to wait until September, the next time we will have a free Saturday.  The roast chicken I was going to make for dinner had to wait.  We just ate some sandwiches over the sink.


Jen C. said...

That sounds so much like our house (including all the broken windows). I love that book too.

chicago_mom said...

You realize that you are the pig in this scenario, right? haha.

Urban Mom said...

Loving If You Give A Pig A Pancake! Now do NOT get me started on Rainbow Fish... that one ticked me off so much that it quietly disappeared one night from the bookcase. (maybe i need to lighten up?)

But hey, if you start a project and then one thing leads to another... why not? Getting stuff done feels good!