Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer 2009 This and That

Every summer, at least once, we go to Dayton with Gram to visit YaYa. She is PD's grandmother. Many times PD's sister and Little Cincinnati Cousin join us. This year we went for her birthday. She doesn't look 83 does she?

We made homeade ice cream in July. Look how we are dressed like it is 60 degress. That is because it was 60 degrees. This was a cold July.

We tried this Italian Ice Place that everyone has been talking about. I was not impressed. We like Jeni's ice cream the best and will have to continue to search for a good Italian ice.

We went to a matinée one day. We saw this:

It was PK2's first movie and only the second for PK1. It was really cute and funny.
One night I went out to eat with my college girlfriends. We have had a little prayer group going since we had kids. We get together a couple times a year, sometimes with the kids, sometimes without. It was really nice to just talk mom stuff and compare notes as we are all really moving out of that toddler/preschool stage and not sure what to do next with these kids that suddenly got so BIG! Don't my lettuce wraps look good?


On the Verge said...

totally look like edie in that last pic:D

mimi said...

Fun. Great Grandmas are the best! So is time with old girlfriends ;)

Kelli said...

No, she does NOT look 83. I need to look that good when I'm her age. It was that chilly in July, but ice cream making sounds like fun. The girls outing looks like fun and yes your meal looks yummy.