Monday, June 15, 2009

Chinese Brother

A couple weeks ago, our Chinese brother turned one!  He is taking steps and cracking us up.

 For a little history on our Chinese Brother, you can click here: Chinese Brother.

We have some really sad news about him though.  He and his mom and dad are moving to Washington DC in just a couple of weeks.  

When I found out, via e-mail a few days ago, I just started crying.  I thought they would be part of our lives for a long time to come. But then I thought I had dealt with it.  

But then as soon as I laid eyes on my friend the other night.  I just burst into tears.  So did she.  She and I just hugged and cried and the men just stared at us.  I was a little surprised that she was as emotional as I was.  Then all night we tried to talk about the logistics of their move and she and I would just dissolve in tears.  I think PD started to chuckle at one point.  Because I was like, "Are you going to rent a moving truck?"  and she would say "I think so" and then we would start bawling uncontrolably.

But we met them 6 days after they came to the United States (2 1/2 years ago).  We taught them to navigate the library and grocery store, and how to drive.  I was the first person to hold the baby after he was born, (besides his father and a nurse). 

We are just incredibly attached to them.  I would like to wrap this up with some little bit about how they are in God's hands, which they are, or that life goes on, which it does, or that there are other Chinese families to befriend,  but I am not really quite there yet. 

I am sad and a little worried about them and do not have the energy to bond with another Chinese family right now.  But I am supremely glad that they have been a part of our lives and I love them to pieces.


mimi said...

I love when you share about...Chinese brother.

They are just miles....visiting them will be fun;) Believe me, I keep in touch with some of my long distance friends better than a few local ones.

This was such a sweet post.

schwadette said...

I can only imagine how upset you are that they are moving! Such a shock!! I think it's amazing how God brought them into your life... the bond your families have will last for so many years! :)

Kelli said...

I know you have a left a lasting impact on their lives. They will never forget you and it will give you an excuse to travel to DC.

MA mom said...

I'm tearing up and I only know them indirectly thru you.

chicago_mom said...

me too! (to what mom said) I asked matt to get me a chinese baby. He says we can't just get one in one second, but I'm sorry for your loss. We loved Kevin! If only through you.....