Thursday, June 4, 2009


Meet my friend Jodi :

I love Jodi and her husband.  They are good old fashioned Reformed theology people like me.  We are a little rogue at our church. We don't blab it around, we just quietly know it in our hearts.  Andy lived in the same house as PD in college, but like five years earlier. They have three great kids and Jodi is everything I am not as a homemaker.  She likes baking and gardening and generally works her tail off.  And she is tall, grrrr.

Jodi tagged me in a blog game.  You are just supposed to list six random things about yourself.  That sounds easy enough.  SO here are my six things:

1.  I love reading and I can read wicked fast.  I read the New Yorker cover to cover every week, I can read a novel in a day or two and when I get interested in a subject, (healthy eating, homeschooling)  I read everything there is to read about it.  (this may be why I don't get around to as much baking and gardening as I should)

2. I sometimes get mad at God because he makes it so hard to understand the Trinity and he allows so many people to not be saved and sometimes in the Old Testament he smites someone for almost no reason and sometimes has great grace on someone who sinned big time.

3. I  look exactly like my mom.

4. I hate background noise.  I hate noisy restaurants and trying to have a conversation over a car radio or a TV.  I hate loud music at a store when I am trying to shop.

5. I love eating, especially carbs but I can't eat them very much because then I go into a carb rage and yell at people for very minor things and hate myself.

6. I like early American and antique furniture because when I was a kid the only fancy home I ever went to was my grandmother's and that is how she decorated.  So that is what I think is beautiful.

Now I will tag two people:   Susan and MiMi


schwadette said...

Awww... you're so sweet :). I think we have more in common than we realize... I LOVE to read - can easily read a book in a day (sometimes two if the kids are being high maintenance!) and LOVE that kitchen pictured. SO COOL! I always wonder how people figure out how to DO that! :) By the way - when you were shopping for dresses, where did you find the best options? :)

really.truly said...

Ok, I've had little time online the last couple days...I'll work on my tag :) That will be fun to write up.

Love your list. I'm in awe that you can read fast.

On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

it must be part genetic cuz i can read really fast too. and did you start saying wicked cuz i did?...or did you randomly pick that up somewhere? :) miss you and love you

andrew mellish said...
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really.truly said...

I just finished my list....that was harder than I thought! I'll be posting it soon;)

Amanda said...

Ooh, fun!

I love to read, but I'm not so quick... I'm too busy baking and gardening. LOL. I should probably do less baking, because I have the "carb rage" problem, too. I don't always understand the Trinity, either, but I love all three of Him. :) And I don't like excess noise either. Some people would say I look like my mom, but I know she's prettier than I am.