Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Windy City: PD on the Phone

If you read this blog, you know how much PD works.

I am really so used to him being at work, at a work event, on the phone or on the laptop almost all the time.

But it ended up being a little comical that he was on the phone so much during our Chicago visit.  It was weird to see it through the eyes of others because it made me realize how ridiculous it is!
Here he is while we waited for the subway:
Him on a bus:
Him posing for a picture with me on a bus...boy it is a good thing he is cute:
He had to find a little corner of the American Girl store where he could get reception and we lost him for awhile.
Then he had to eat his Vietnamese noodle bowl for lunch with the phone on his ear.
I was a little too distracted to take pictures during those times.
After several hours of sightseeing we were about to get on a bus back home and his phone rang.
I looked everywhere for my indulgent patient wife face, but I couldn't find it and told him,
"DON'T answer're done." 
And he knew he was.
Advice: Develop an excellent raport and friendship with your husband before having children or starting a super demanding all consuming career. 
I am so glad I did.
Advice: Marry the best guy ever.
I am so glad I did.  


Paper said...

Hey... I've enjoyed your Chicago Posts. I think Brooks and I would have had a blast at the American Girl store. However, this post really makes me laugh! Brian is the same way... always connected and always working! I sometimes forget that this way of life is not normal. One positive thing - I'm rarely behind on technology thanks to my well-connected husband!

MA mom said...

He reminds me of the politician on Brothers & Sisters; he even looks like him!

schwadette said...

Sister - I can TOTALLY relate... we have the same issue around here :). Hilarious that you thought to get pics!

really.truly said...

Looks just like my hubby!

Ellen said...

I feel blessed to have a hubby who has a cell phone aversion, but he has a servant's heart and is therefore never home. Sometimes I think I'd rather have him attached to a phone! :)

I love your photos. So creative and fun!